Celebrating UAE National Day

Celebrating UAE National Day, 2nd december UAE national Day

The UAE National Day is celebrated on 2nd December every year with great pride and honour. Hence, the year 2019 marks the 48th UAE National Day, the day of happiness and joy across all the UAE. UAE National Day Celebration (2nd December Celebration) brings much fun. There is so much that happens on this day when friends and families greet each other with cheers. They share the passion and love for their country. Certainly, many events take place on this day all across the emirates.

Importance of UAE National Day

Six emirates Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm-al-Quwain, signed on one Federal Constitution. Consequently, they achieved the independence of the United Arab Emirates back in July 1971. Later on, in 1972, Ras-al-Khaimah also joined the union. Now the seven Emirates are jointly together to form a modern country known as the United Arab Emirates.

The first head of the federation is Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The flag of the federation has four colours, including red, green, white, and black. These colours represent the Arabian unity. Before the oil discovery in 1962, the country’s economy was reliant more on fishing and pearl industry. After the discovery, society and the economy have changed. Now UAE is the trading and tourism hub of the Arabian Peninsula.

There are grand celebrations across the country with many mega-events. People usually dress up in the colours of the national flag of the UAE. They also decorate their homes, streets, workplaces, vehicles to be part of the big day. The palm trees are lit up with the flag colours. Moreover, various other public places and hotels are also decorated with lights and flags.

2nd December (UAE National Day) Celebration in Dubai

Most of the people will agree that there is no place like Dubai on earth. The mega cosmopolitan has everything that you can imagine, and on the big day, the stakes get higher. Dubai fireworks are major attractions not only for the locals but for foreigners as well. These fireworks, along with the lightings, take place when the sun goes down.

The fireworks take place all over the city, in popular destinations like the beach-front retail areas and key landmarks. Above all, street food is fabulous, and there are many National Day discounts available during the UAE National Day celebrations (2nd December celebrations).

2nd December Celebration in Abu Dhabi

The UAE National Day Celebration in Abu Dhabi is different. It emphasizes cultural heritage because Abu Dhabi is not a mega cosmopolitan likewise, for instance, Dubai. It is also not as diverse as Dubai, Sharjah, or Ras-al-Khaimah. You can see a ton of different things on the roads and in the shopping malls. Local dances are a critical aspect of these celebrations, and in Abu Dhabi, these dances matter a lot.

Men perform these dances across different shopping centres and parks. It adds a lot to the frolic of the UAE national day celebration (2nd December celebration) in Abu Dhabi. Many tourists also join in to witness these performances and displays of patriotism. Food is always a major priority in these events. Many food stalls appear during these times, which include local and international cuisines. Hospitality is always there as well, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the festivities of the big day.

2nd December Celebration in Sharjah

Being a major cosmopolitan in UAE, the UAE National Day celebration in Sharjah is worth seeing. Many people think that the UAE National Day celebrations are better in Dubai than in Sharjah. This is purely a myth far from the truth. There are many non-locals based in Sharjah who make sure that they also take part in the celebrations.

As they are away from their home countries, celebrating this day reminds them of their homes. The celebrations go late at night, and the food here will provide you with more diverse options. You can always get those Sheesh Taouks and donors from the street vendors. Additionally, you can enjoy all the National Day discounts while shopping across different malls. The celebrations include fireworks, light shows, car rallies, air shows, and musical performances.

2nd December Celebration in Ajman

When it comes to UAE National Day (2nd December) celebrations, then Ajman is no far behind from the other emirates. The celebrations here are not as grand as they are in Dubai and Sharjah. Like Abu Dhabi, the Ajman people know what to do on this day. The 2nd December’s celebrations here are closer to culture and heritage. These celebrations also depict the growth and development of this country throughout the years. You will see many hints of education, community, health, and sports as well.

2nd December Celebration across all Emirates

UAE National Day (2nd December) is a special day, and the locals know how to enjoy it. Some many events and parades take place across different emirates. Food, musical programs, cultural events, fireworks, lighting, and so many things are part of these celebrations. The best part is not only the locals take part in these events, but foreigners also join in with zeal. During these times, people are on the roads, in the shopping malls, and on the streets. Everyone seems to come in and have all the fun they want.

Importance for the Corporate World to Celebrate UAE National Day

The corporate world is also not far behind in these 2nd December celebrations. This year’s holidays are for two days, 2nd and 3rd December. Buildings and workplaces get all the decorations in lighting and flags all across the UAE. Various activities are included in these corporate events as well.

People from the business and professional world can enjoy the traditional Ayallah and Al Youlla Dances. They can also take part in the famous Arabic bread and Lugaimat making competitions. People can also go for henna tattooing and face painting and who can forget about the traditional Arabic tents and seating.

There are various art & craft corners for kids as well. Moreover, there are exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and festivals for local businesses to participate. Together, they all participate in the 2nd December celebration to show their loyalty and pride towards this magnificent and modern nation.

UAE Flag Day – the 3rd of November

UAE Flag Day is held on the 3rd of November each year and is a national occasion. On this auspicious occasion, the people of the UAE remember their founder and the efforts they made for their respective states. Sheikh Zayed along with Sheikh Rashid and all their brothers gave everything away fort the nation’s sake. The 3rd of November is the day of renewing the national spirit. It is the day to remember and recognize the efforts and achievements of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan’s era.

What does the UAE Flag represent?

What does the UAE Flag represent?

UAE’s flag symbolizes tolerance, peace, justice, moderation, and power. These are the pillars under which the people of the UAE live their lives and enjoy stability and security. It takes the legacy of Sheikh Zayed forward from generation to generation.

On the 3rd of November, Emiratis celebrate the anniversary of Sheikh Zayed becoming the president back in 2004. They reaffirm the allegiance they have towards the Flag. The UAE Flag represents the greatness and unity of the nation.

UAE Flag Day observance

It is officially the beginning of the preparations for the events of UAE Commemoration Day on the 30th of November as well as the UAE National Day on the 2nd of December. On Flag Day, the national anthem of UAE is played while the UAE flag is hoisted, and this is performed throughout the UAE in all government departments in unison at 11:00 am. Numerous galas and ceremonies take place where the UAE people salute their flag and reflect on their belonging to their country.

They also reflect on the glorification of the UAE’s national symbols and their loyalty to the leadership. Different types of competitions and lectures are organized regarding the flag’s history across the corporate world in the UAE. These events also contribute to raising awareness on various media channels as well.

UAE Flag Day marks the beginning of the celebrations that end with UAE National Day on the 3rd of December. This is the day where all the Emiratis start decorating their homes and workplaces with different artefacts, lighting, and other decoration items exhibiting their love for their country. This is the day when it all starts, and people began to organize and participate in various events, rallies, and ceremonies celebrating their culture and heritage.

UAE Commemoration Day – the 1st of December

This is the official Martyrs’ Day in UAE and is observed on the 30th of November. It recognizes the dedication and sacrifices of UAE martyrs in the fields of military, civil, and various humanitarian causes.

History of UAE Commemoration Day

The first of the Emirati martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in the military field is Salem Suhail bin Khamis. It was during the Greater Tunb Battle on the 30th of November 1971. Shortly after the formation of the UAE, it took place against the Iranian army. Salem was leading a six-man police force positioned at Greater Tunb.

Iran invaded the place on the Federation eve and killed Salem because he refused to lower the Ras-al-Khaimah flag. On the 19th of August 2015, the 30th of November was officially announced as Martyrs’ Day while the 1st of December is the official Commemoration Day instead of the 30th of November.

Martyrs timeline

This day remembers the fallen soldiers of the 1990-1991 First Gulf War, for liberating Kuwait. It also commemorates the assassination of the government minister, Saif Ghubash in the year 1977 along as well as the assassination of Emirati ambassador, Khalifa-al-Mubarak in the year 1984.

Operation Restoring Hope was a campaign in 10215 where UAE joined forces with the Arab Alliance for supporting the government in Aden in the Gulf States. In Yemen, the number of fallen UAE soldiers reached 45. At that time, the government of UAE announced to observe a 3-day mourning period starting from the 5th of September 2015, and the flags were flown at half-mast.

UAE Commemoration Day observance

Different national and commemorative events and ceremonies are organized across the nation. All national, states and non-national institutes engage in promoting and mark the value of sacrifice, loyalty, and dedication of UAE’s heroes. On this holiday, everyone will honour and remember the heroes who gave their lives for the supremacy of their homeland.

Wahat-al-Karama “Oasis of Dignity” is a monument and war memorial located in Sheik Zayed Grad Mosque in Abu Dhabi for the commemoration of the Emiratis who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty. This memorial was revealed on the 30th of November 2016 on UAE Commemoration Day. This memorial has three different structures. They include the pavilion of honour, the memorial plaza, and the leaning pillars. The pavilion of honour has inscriptions of the names of all fallen soldiers of UAE.

Sheikh Sultan of Sharjah has also ordered a square for construction and for honouring the martyrs. There is a proposal for building a monument in honour of UAE’s heroes, and it will be inaugurated on Martyrs’ Day in 2019 on Maliha Rd. This monument will be present near the Sharjah Center for Space & Astronomy. A road in the City of Sharjah University will be renamed as Martyrs’ Rd.

The Sheikh of Ajman has also proposed a monument and a square in Ala Alam Park as well. Another road that links Ras-al-Khaimah and Fujairah is now Martyrs’ St and pays tribute to the fallen soldiers of UAE.

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