Experiences are Gaining Momentum in the event Industry

Experiences Gaining Momentum in the event industry

Exceptional attendee experience is the number one priority if you want your event to be a huge success. This should be your ultimate goal in the event planning because experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry. Experiences can boost the event data by leaps and bounds. History tells us that it is a driving force that can help you excel in your event business to new levels.

Our phones are increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives. They now come with more connections and capabilities. Other technologies are also becoming more reasonably priced, and this also includes the event tech. Companies are now using different types of tech that support VR (virtual reality) as well as AR (augmented reality).

The best part is that they can share it on social media and other internet sources with millions of users across the globe. This has led the companies to shape event tech as one-stop-shop experiences, and we see the rise of integrated services.

More and more events today provide the attendees with different kinds of experiences that allow them to take back something, and it stays on their minds for a long time. This is something that money cannot buy! It lacks materialism and becomes a part of our memories.  

Why are experiences gaining momentum in the event industry?

Experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry because they change the way we think or perceive things. This effect lasts longer because things can only alter perceptions as long as we get used to them.

According to a 20-year study conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University, experiences last longer than things. The happiness from things tends to fade away rather quickly because we get used to things very quickly.

There can be nuances involved, but the theme, in general, is lacking longevity. 

Besides that, each time we buy something, we must raise the bar and look for the next best thing. It’s all about upgrading! As a possessor, we tend to compare our possessions with others, and there is always someone with something better. It also leads to dissatisfaction.

Adaption is one of the enemies of happiness!

Now when we talk about experiences, no matter how fleeting they are can deliver a longer-lasting effect. The reason is that these experiences form a portion of our identity. Of course, purchasing a new phone won’t alter our personality, character, or perspectives. However, kayaking with killer whales in some on some remote island will make us feel different about this world. We will become close to nature.

That’s why experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry!

Our experience is a more significant part of ourselves rather than our possessions. Also, this is where an event planner can tap into some important aspects to devise an event strategy.

How it translates into event marketing?

A highly satisfying experience for your event attendees is critical in more than one way. It will enable your company to develop authority and power in its very own niche, and it will also create customer loyalty for itself as well. If your attendees enjoy the time that they spend at your event, they will be more inclined towards the products and services that you are offering.

As an event planner, this can lead you to gain more sponsors for your future events. The attendees will also discuss their experiences with their colleagues and friends, and this will bring in more excited attendees for your future events.

In terms of finances, if you nail attendee experience, it can benefit your company. They will look forward to coming to your future events as well. Additionally, they might also convince others to post flattering reviews online about your event or brand, as well. This will provide you with more ROI and will bring in more money. It can also assist you in establishing post-event communications with your attendees too.

In simple words, there is nothing better than a killer attendee experience when you talk about event marketing.

Event experiences: Momentum building in the event industry

We have used the example of kayaking with killer whales and becoming one with nature. This is a long-lasting joy that no possession in the world can bring. We also don’t miss things, we miss using them, and this is where everything starts to make sense.

Event planners are now using these experiences to publicize their brands to good effect. Not only can it help in event marketing, but it can also assist in establishing brand identity. Event planners can use different types of event techniques and also use event venues in these tactics for their corporate events as well as team-building events.

Experiences provide your events with power that is unmatchable. They can transform your event into something bigger and better. Of course, your attendees are visiting your event, and you must provide them with something they value. There is nothing more satisfying than giving them an experience that sticks to their mind, and whenever they recall it, your brand also comes to their mind.

This is something that also sponsors value a lot. They always want your event to be a huge success. They will also want to be part of an event that will last for many years in the minds of the attendees. So you need to provide them with something that they can look forward to.

If your event provides attendees with experiences, they will be waiting for your next endeavour, as well. This is how experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry and any other brands that are part of it. It’s all about user experience, and there is nothing better.

What kinds of experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry?

There are different types of event experiences that are gaining momentum in the event industry. Event planners and companies across the globe employ different types of event tech. They are creating attendee experiences in more innovative ways to make their events as memorable as possible. Of course, it entirely depends on your budget and how much you want to achieve. However, you can scale up and down according to your financial goals. We are listing some of them in the following text;

1. Bring in facial recognition

This is something very recognizable for your attendees as they use their smartphones. So basically, you are bringing in-home tech ad use it as event tech. It will enable you to manage your guests effectively. Your check-in and registering process will become very swift and fine-tuned, and of course, it is more secure. It can also improve your social media reach when you tag in people who have attended your event.

2. Introduce experiences of group tech

This tech can assist you in creating experiences that are socialized. This provides your attendees with an experience what they were enjoying alone and enables them to share it with their fellows. You can allow your attendees to share what they are experiencing in their circles, even if they are thousands of miles away. You can link more people to stronger online connections.

3. Employing AI voice for improved engagement

AI voice experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry as well, and they contribute a lot to improving the attendee experience. People are already using it in their homes and offices even if you haven’t used it in your events, so they are familiar with this tech. Therefore, you can use this technology to perform a variety of actions.

The attendees won’t have to ask about anything as an AI voice will guide them in the entire event. You can also create a variety of ‘if, then’ scenarios as well. You can also integrate personalization tech with these AI voices. This can also assist you in creating a VIP experience for your attendees. You can personalize the communication based on types such as vendors, exhibitors, or sponsors. It is all about creating a sense of place where everyone knows you by name.

4. Use app interpreters

Electronic translators have come a long way now. They are reliable enough now to provide you with a positive experience when it comes to bridging language barriers and communication gaps. Remote translations services are available for access, and you can also save a lot using these services.

5. Use augmented reality

You can use AR to animate different types of static objects. It will enable you to gain even more attention. You can tell your brand’s history or your sponsor’s story with the help of this technology. This is an excellent idea to establish strong collaboration and partnership with your sponsors as well. Cruise ships across the world are already using AR to educate and guide the cruisers regarding different artworks that are onboard as they pass by it. AR is a great way to experience almost anything you want your attendees to experience.

6. Use time travel to capture imaginations

Again you can use augmented reality for this purpose. Harness the superhero power of time travel and provide your guests with a little history lesson about your company’s past or your sponsor’s history. You can also flash forward into the future and guide your guests about different milestones that you’re looking to achieve in the coming years.

7. Landmark venues

Using landmark venues for your event can be very useful and is also among the experiences that are gaining momentum in the event industry. These venues have a long history, and they also contribute a lot to any city’s architectural aesthetics. These venues can add a sense of grandeur to your event. You can also use them to incorporate them into your marketing and event branding. These venues are also beneficial when it comes to managing traffic.

8. Extreme theming

Themes can draw different ideas together, and they are beneficial in giving structure to everything. However, themes that are offering more to the attendees are becoming more of a necessity. You can focus on a feeling or an emotion instead of a tangible idea or concept. You can integrate AI, VR, and AR for this, as well.

Apart from that, you can also ask your attendees to wear something different or provide them with some accessories to wear when entering into a certain space, etc. The idea here can be endless, and they can vary based on the brand and the theme that it chooses for the event. Hence, extreme theming experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry.

9. Food and drinks

Another one of the effective ways to provide your attendees with something that they can experience is food and drinks. Their senses of taste and smell will trigger their emotions, and you can use them to draw their attention to various activities in your event. This is something that Starbuck has been doing for a long time, enticing people with that lovely coffee aroma to create an environment and drawing them in. For this reason, these experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry.

10. Engaging furniture and interiors

The interior and furniture can also play a role in your event. These experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry because they prove to be an exceptional opportunity for the event planners to give something back to the kinetic learners. You can either provide your attendees with very comfortable and cosy seating or can go with swings and bean bags, as well. Clever décor is another way of doing it where the user can engage with the spaces they are in. Apart from that, you can also have immersive entrances. You can also use different themed colours and always incorporate digital as well.

Takeaways: Gaining momentum in the event industry

You must provide your attendees with nothing short of the ultimate experience. There are several new trends in event marketing. However, giving the best attendee experience bests them all. Here are some key takeaways from our above discussion:

  • The attendee experience begins before the day of your event. Therefore, you need to build anticipation and encourage community amongst your attendees.
  • You need to consider the scope and size of your event. Based on your target audience, both big and small events can work. Just give your audience what they want, and your event will be a huge success.
  • Find the right speakers too. Make sure that you find the experts in their fields. A more recognizable name will benefit your event.
  • The event is more significant than the speaker and all the workshops that it will feature. Why not host after-parties and networking opportunities. You can also host training sessions based on products or even childcare options, as well.

Ensuring exceptional attendee experience sure is a massive task. It will be very easier for you to manage if you use some good quality event marketing software. Such a program will assist you in all phases of an event process. You will be able to emphasize more on your attendees and providing them with an exquisite experience that they deserve.

Closing words: Experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry

Of course, there are several ways to engage your attendees and provide them with an outstanding experience. You can add a theme to your event and also integrate different technologies. In simple words, make sure that you provide your attendees with something that they can remember for a long time to come. That is what experience is all about!

It will enable your guests to engage and participate in an event and create a set of memories around your brand. This will drive them to attend your future events as well. Creating wonderful attendee experiences are gaining momentum in the event industry across the globe. The event planners now look to provide the attendees with something that they always keep in their mind and associate the brand with it. They will be more inclined towards what services or products that your brand has to offer.

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