Behind every successful event is a great event agency.

Who We Are

We are a creative-led boutique event agency with big ideas and deep resources. We’re global, yet local. We help brands connect, engage and evolve through events, experiences and marketing. Simply put - we create strategic integrated events and experiences that form a human connection between brands and their target audience. Every idea and element we deliver is custom-crafted, resulting in unique, true-to-your-brand solutions. We're team players, passionate and talented experts who deliver exceptional results. Our goal is to create every event more alive, memorable and authentic than the one before, breaking boundaries.

M&M is a full-service event management agency based in Dubai. Our fresh approach to the event industry makes us unique. Our highly professional team knows that a well-executed event can be benefited to sustain the company's marketing strategy, an organization's strategic vision, or used to built and enhance client loyalty and networks. M&M approaches each and every project with intricate attention to detail and obsessive efficiency. Regardless of the size and breadth, we manage your event with defined milestones, precise strategic goals, and a comprehensive plan to assure your event delivers on time and within budget. At M&M, we set your organization first. We know your business, we pay meticulous attention to your challenges and plan events to support achieving your goals.

Our Approach


What is your business, and what are your challenges? What are the problems your clients or members are dealing with? Once we have a sound understanding and knowledge of your company's management culture, how your organization works, and your long-term strategic plans, we become a part of your organization. Our model works great when we can become more of a "hired help" and become a strategic event management partner. So, the first step for us is to get to know you and your business.


Since we have taken the time to get to know your business and the goals of your events, you can be rest assured that the event will be on target and tailored to your goals. Leave the planning and management to us. Let us consider the details and the heavy lifting that comes with professional program planning. From our preferred vendor network, industry-affiliated contacts and years of experience, we can deliver a "full-service" of event management experience. Time and again, the M&M team is well-equipped to deliver a world-class event.


Ultimately, this is where our event management skills come into play. At our core, we love events. We love to come up with on-site details, schedules, production plans, deadlines and to-do lists for program management. From the sophisticated arrangement of facility details to the AV, catering and on-site cohesion, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. Using a strategic, holistic planning and methodology management approach allows you to relax and enjoy your event smoothly. Knowing that each last detail will be taken care of will allow you to concentrate on your attendees and stakeholders. Let us take care of the rest.

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