What We Do

With a passion for events, an eye for perfection and the need to break boundaries, we deliver end-to-end events that exceed client expectations. We have successfully delivered hundreds of events over the last 15 years, working with a diverse range of brands ranging from government entities and banks to automotive and real estate.


Experts in the creation of exceptional events, we design, plan and manage everything from conception to execution.

Event design and production need specialized skills. Successful event management companies like M&M Group are experienced in a variety of planning, designing and organising disciplines that eventually deliver a goal to each event’s stakeholders.

Did you know we offer Event Rentals? Yes, M&M covers your event rental requirements. Whether it’s your corporate event, grand opening ceremony, inauguration day, roadshow event or big birthday bash, we have all the solutions for your event decor, florals and rental needs.

Balancing the event budget is one of the biggest challenges for event planners, and the root of most money worries can be found in the early stages of the discussion. On the contrary, it is always better to start designing an event around the number of financial resources. Spending a few minutes going through a budget will not just save you money or properly allocate it, but it will also save a lot of time by eliminating costly changes. M&M understands what’s best for their clients within allocated budget.

Events are no longer only conference centres. Museums, libraries, sports facilities, and even zoos are in action. Therefore, with the right location, guests can enjoy the best that the city has to offer without the sacrifice of connectivity. As a result, the use of offsite locations offer a great deal of excitement for guests as they network with other guests.

M&M takes your play to the next level and brings unforgettable memories and excitement to the event.

Sound equipment and lighting have a massive impact on the presentation of your event, but it can also have a high impact on your budget.

With modern and innovative tech-driven solutions such as the 3D effect and VR environment, M&M has everything to wow the audience with lighting design. However, this is not only limited to wow-effect. There are a few key benefits of utilising high-quality lighting in your corporate events such as;

  • Spotlighting: Can direct your audience’s attention to the speaker.
  • Projection mapping: With dynamic graphics and animation, you can liven up the event.
  • Creating a light show: Utilising light show can add more excitement into a boring event.

In fact, creative lighting solutions for events can be great tools for managing your audience’s attention, presenting information and transforming the location. M&M has excellent lighting solutions for corporate and all other type of events.

When it comes to branding and print collateral, M&M offers the highest quality in any media print across UAE and offer print services in both small and large formats. In addition, we have also made great strides in becoming a Go Green safe print factory using UV HD printing. Innovation, creative designs and excellence are our trademarks. We have set the standard for future development in this area with our focused approach to achieving the highest quality.

M&M Group is a creative and strategic event agency. One of our most potent key divisions is event video coverage. Our innovative in-house team ensures that we deliver striking results. You can make your events memorable by our creative Event photography, filming and videography services. Our swift understanding of our client’s vision and ambitions sets us apart. We help translate this vision into fast and precision quality work.

We at M&M, as one of the leading talent and entertainment management agency, offers excellent and exclusive entertainment for all type of events. We offer a diversity of talent to engage your clients and create unique, memorable experiences for them.


The key to the success of any event is how it involves entertainment and how guests engage with each other. Whether it’s a luxury wedding or a corporate event, our talented actors can add that wow factor to your event. Our creative artists can set the mood for any ambience with a custom theme and costume preference.

Giveaways or gift-giving have always been the best tactic to promote an event, selling tickets, increasing attendance or awarding attendees and has also grown in popularity. The gift-giving can be made an essential part of the event itself. Gifting is the way to celebrate achievements, serving as a thank-you, or to promote new products and services.

M&M creates memorable experiences that arouse emotions, shape opinions and make things happen. We understand the value of every aspect of events and is intensely aware of how to take the event to the next level.


We help brands amplify impact by creating effective and intelligent experiences that cause audiences to stop, react and connect.

  • Event marketing
  • Brand activation
  • Experiential environments

Creative and Design

We create brand strategies, identities, events and experiences that drive business results.

  • Concept and campaign development
  • Experiential innovations
  • Interactive / Tech integrations
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design