What is an Event Planner and Why You Need Them?

What is an Event Planner and Why You Need Them

Every event planner organizes the best event for their client’s satisfaction, but the work includes choices like the place, decoration, and other elements. We have all the information about this very challenging but fascinating job which is mostly for the client’s amusement. When the client is satisfied, it means the events have been delivered perfectly.

The focus of every planner is the client’s idea and how they can help bring those ideas to life. For a wedding, the event planner can discuss the planned tone of the couple, the level of formality, and guest list size.

What exactly is event planning?

First of all, the event planner must provide everything related to an event, from concepts and ideas to programming and execution on the event day. Event planners have the task of creating experiences and converting visions into life, which means that some pots get stirred.

Client meetings, exhibitions, offers, supplier relationship management and customer communication, contract making, contract, and budget management are part of the training, as well as the definition and management of expectations of customers and suppliers.

What are the mandatory skills for an event planner?

Excellent time management and precision are essential in any event; such as sticking to charts and paying great attention to the details can make the difference among a regular event and a fantastic one.

Other names of event planners with similar responsibilities

There are several names related to an event planner with similar responsibilities such as; event directors, event producers, and event managers may have similar roles, although “planners” and “producers” suggest a creative direction, while “managers” imply transformation.

However, this rests on the company. In smaller companies, a person, regardless of rank, usually maintains his vision and performance.

What are the functions of an event planner?

For every event, the event planner needs to focus on the client’s demand. For example, for a wedding ceremony, the event planner can discuss the planned nature of the couple, and the number of guests. From there, an event is planned that will thrill the customer.

Organizing events requires years of experience. Planners assume considerable responsibility for customer satisfaction and for designing an event that meets customer needs and expectations. However, to become the best in the event planning industry, it requires years of experience and skill.

The event organizer arranges various events, including business meetings, weddings, educational conferences, and others. They ensure that all event details meet the specifications of their customers. You can work with providers to arrange transportation, meeting places, meals, accommodations, and other services such as photography and video.

How to become an event planner

Because of the increasing complexity of job responsibilities, organizers usually require a bachelor’s degree with professional experience in the planning or hospitality industry. Some colleges offer undergraduate degrees in event management, tourism or hospitality management.

Some colleges offer continuing education courses in the field of meeting and event planning. This course may not be necessary for work experience. Anyone who is experienced in hotel and event management can start his career as an event organizer; who bears more responsibility than others.

Certifications may give you an advantage for an event planner job as it shows knowledge and competence. The board of the event industry offers the Certified Meeting Certification (CMP). Other certifications include CMP-HC and CGMP certified.

There are other certifications such as the Association of American Wedding Organizers and the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants.

Event organizer description

As a rule, event organizers meet potential customers to get an idea of ​​the event’s expectations and needs. They value the size and scope of the event, such as price, time, and location.

Event planners/ organizers can then request offers from service providers and potential places and review areas to ensure they meet all customer requirements needed. Then they must coordinate event services such as food, accommodation, transportation, and even entertainment.

During an event, the organizer processes logistics as a guest list and arranges audiovisual equipment. They often organize activities and speakers. Also, they review event accounts and approve payments. This field of work requires excellent communication, negotiation, and organizational skills.

Event management in the UAE

Event Management in the UAE has never escaped attention and is always out of the world. Significant cases like this must be sorted, managed, and executed. Many talented and efficient event managers know this.

Event management covers every part of the case, from plans to very detailed agreements, and has several focal points, such as; expert organizations, smooth flow of innovative thinking, cost reduction, cost changes, and better time management. Besides, customer satisfaction is an essential requirement and better risk management.

Corporate events in the UAE

Important corporate events in the United Arab Emirates such as; music parties, performances, philanthropic meetings, and events require more detailed planning than birthday gatherings and secondary school functions.

The price is far higher and gets exposed to more prevention sources and hazards that can be stored or limited by an expert. Administrative cases also sometimes deal with advertisements and tickets; increase the occurrence of organizations, progress, and profiles by promoting events and brand communication with shows, flags, and innovations.

In addition to organizing and running the event, the event planner or manager will provide post-event analysis that will conduct primary research and performance research. This research helps to assess case performance and the nature of work.

Duplicate cashing designs are stored to manage or delete future cashing changes that need to be made using the following tasks. A good steward of an event is someone who can translate his thoughts into plans that are well prepared for useful events.

In the UAE, there is tremendous interest in excellent event facilitators with a large number of real cases that occur every year.

Event planner guidelines for a fantastic event

It’s an event planner’s job to ensure everything related to an event is taken care of, from idea conception to program structure and budgeting. An event planner tasked with producing experiences and getting ideas and bringing them to reality; the event planner makes the crucial choices concerning the what, when who and how the event will turn out fabulous for the clients.

Planning events can be a tense process and often feel overwhelmed by the organizers. Our ten best tips for successful event management will help you master the art of planning unforgettable and compelling events.

1. Start early: Event planner guidelines

Plan as soon as possible. If your event is significant, you need to plan it four to six months before. It gets at least one month to plan smaller events. To ensure the event runs smoothly, you must ensure that all supplier contracts are completed a few weeks before the event.

2. Stay flexible: Event planner guidelines

In the course of planning, something will change. No matter the event, location, or even the type of event you are running; you must be sure that you are flexible and responsive to changing needs.

3. Negotiate: Event planner guidelines

Regardless of what many sellers say to you, everything negotiated. Remember that every valuable event is surprising. Try to negotiate the lowest possible price. Determine your budget before contacting the provider and offer to pay 5-10% lower than this number. Your provider can fight but ultimately wants to win your business.

4. Allocate tasks: Event planner guidelines

Divide the various elements of the event into sections (e.g., registration, catering, transportation) and arrange the parts for each member of your team. Because they are solely responsible for their area, they become much clearer in changing small details.

5. Create a document together: Event planner guidelines

The cloud has many benefits, and working with your team cannot be more comfortable. Create a centralized guide or report that describes all aspects related to the event, including supplier contracts, participant information, and floor plans. With the documents shared, anyone can contact him if he is not sure, and your entire team can determine if something is wrong.

6. Ensure you have a standby plan: Event planner guidelines

An event rarely occurs without at least one problem, an article may not get displayed, or an influential person can’t come. Evaluate critical assets for your event and make a backup plan for everyone. If a series of questions arise in the future, sort and decide whether alternatives can be found or removed from the event.

7. Double-check: Event planner guidelines

Check the entire program about two weeks before the event. Organize meetings with your team and follow all steps from the initial setup to follow-up. This review often highlights complications, and you have time to fix it. A few days before the event, we arranged another passport on the site.

8. Record everything: Event planner guidelines

The photos are worth thousands of words, and online publications of positive images are the best way to demonstrate the successfulness of your event. If you have a budget hired by professional photographers, they are more specialized in the types of photos you need for certain things. Ask for a few images to make sure you cover all the basics, including pictures of the entire room, pictures of branding events, and lots of photos of those who have fun.

9. Go online: Event planner guidelines

An event is an ideal way to increase your presence on social media. Create a custom live stream for your Twitter shows and encourage your followers to tweet about it. Also, create Facebook events and encourage your followers to mark events at the post. Upload your photos after the event and actively encourage users to tag themselves and share with friends.

10. Immediate pursuit: Event planner guidelines

After the end of the event, many organizers fall into a common trap – to take a break. While logistics get done, it is essential to actively track participants, either by email or on social media, to show the success of the event.

The event planner or manager must offer the entire service associated with an occasion; that is, from models to ideas to program structure and budget for the event. Event planners have the task of creating experiences and introducing visions into life, which means that some pots get stirred. The organizer decides what, when who and how.

Event companies in the UAE

There several companies in the United Arab Emirates-Dubai involved in this line of business. They offer event planner services such as event planner for conferences, event planners for marketing, event planner for non-profit, event planner expo, and many others. These companies are mostly corporate events planners; they get found through their event planner blogs and website. It shows their goals, objectives, and allowing clients to understand their event planning company, event agency, and select the offer they desire.

In the UAE, events planners are always on the go, and this is because of frequent visits from tourists. Tourist attractions in the UAE make it the best location for all kinds of events. Events such as sports, entertainment, weddings, business, etc.

Every event planner who wants to succeed in this line of business must acquire the basic knowledge and skills of organizing a befitting event for all types of people.

Why you need event planners

To help you decide, we have highlighted the reasons why you need an event management company or an event planner to help you with your event. The decision is yours, but it’s time to find an event organizer in your city.

1. Manage your time

Time management is a skill needed for event planning. There are fixed deadlines – the time when guests must come in with everything ready. It cannot be negotiated to delay this period by one or two days (or even several hours).

2. The event planner helps stick to your budget

Sticking to a budget is the greatest thing an event professional does. Emphasize the budget at the beginning of the planning process; while the professionals will plan your event to keep you going. They can tell you beforehand if your budget is realistic and how you can save money and increase efficiency. They are skilled negotiators and ensure that you always get the best value for money.

3. The event planner helps reduce stress

Organizing events, weddings, or even the 80s is full of stress. Time management, budget, guest list, comfort, restaurants, vendors, unexpected rainy weather; all of these things and more can play a part in a stressful experience.

4. You want to make something extraordinary

Everyone wants to host the best event ever. To achieve this kind of event or wedding, it’s not just about how it looks. It’s about the plan, implementation, and it requires multiple capabilities.

Do you have all these skills? Do you believe that you will realize your vision? If you call in professionals with years of experience, exceptional contact, and organizational skills needed, you and your guests will not be disappointed.

Working with a professional event organizer or contracting an event management company not only saves you time and money. The event management professionals also ensure that you achieve all your primary goals. You can ensure that your event is not just an appointment on the calendar, but a successful overall experience that goes beyond the event and appeals to a broader audience.


Every event planner organizes the best event for the client’s satisfaction; but the work includes choices like the place, decoration, and others. It’s an event planner’s job to ensure everything relevant to an event is taken care of; from idea, conception to program structure and budgeting. An event planner indicted with producing experiences and getting ideas and bringing them to reality; the event planner makes the crucial choices concerning the what, when, who and how the event will turn out amazing for the clients.

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