Does Your Event Need a Digital Security Chief?

Does Your Event Need a Digital Security Chief?

Digital security professionals are critical to many businesses and events. These professionals usually have a wide variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities are all essential as they protect the event from any digital hijacking or cyber-attack. In the business arena, the event industry has seen a sudden increase in popularity and purpose with the advent of the availability of the internet and other advancements. Many businesses have information on digital platforms that are open to security threats. Many new roles keep emerging as society and technology progresses. Most of these new roles will be highlighted in much more detail at the Cyber Security and Cloud Expo 2020. The digital security chief is one of the most influential people as they look over the protection of valuable and sometimes sensitive data.

Before we talk about whether your event is fit to have a digital security chief or not, we will identify the need for digital security. Moreover, then we’ll find how it benefits you.

What is digital security?

Digital technology is evolving and changing the way our society works. Digital technology introduces new methods of both work and business. It’s transformed the way we do business and make dealings. It has also revolutionized the way we interact with each other.

Because of all these changes and the significant impact it has had on the way we live our lives, digital technology is also prone to attacks. This is because with the way our society is progressing and technology is becoming more sophisticated. We are forming our digital footprints online and leaving them vulnerable for attackers and malicious users.

This is where digital security plays a huge role in safeguarding our online identities. With digital security, you can rest assured that your data and sensitive information is safe and away from potential hackers.

With the advancement of technology, even the criminals are advancing their methods of attacks. These criminals may leak and steal your information for their gains and use that to either threaten you or ask for ransom.

Digital security is a term that inculcates and includes all such event techniques that are used to either prevent such criminals from getting hold of your data or getting it back safely. It is crucial to safeguard your online identity and assets in the cyber world where many people may attempt to steal it.

What are some examples of digital security tools?

Digital security or cybersecurity is a broad term that encompasses many other tools and techniques. Digital security professionals use these tools to protect your identity or data; these tools may include software like anti-virus software or some other mechanism. Some professionals use third-party web-services or biometrics to protect the data’s authenticity.

Digital security tools allow you to communicate, travel, purchase, and work using your digital data or identity securely and stably.

Everything from your SIM card, the USB tokens, the internet, the ATM card, the credit card, and even your car locks are protected using several digital security tools that help make your data and operations secure and free from all kinds of attacks.

What makes us vulnerable in the cyber world?

It is important to know what makes you vulnerable in the cyber world before learning whether a digital security chief is vital to your event or not. This is because learning the weak areas of the digital aspect of your event will help you understand situations better.

If you visit the Cyber Security and Cloud Expo 2020 in Dubai, you will get to know about the several vulnerabilities that stand in front of us without even realizing it.

Weaker passcodes

Typically, some attackers do not wish to target you, your business, or your event. They target a broad group of people or businesses in the hope that they will find some weak points that they can manipulate.

One of the most typical methods that hackers and attackers can do this is to get hold of your password. They can do this by simple or complex brute-force attacks. A brute-force attack means that the hacker is trying out several combinations that you may have. While this may not sound efficient and it may seem too much work, it is not.

Hackers use special software or the programs that generate these passwords and use them one by one on their own. You can think of this in a way that the computer hacks your information for the hacker.

This is usually easy to do when the password is common like “password” or “abcd1234”. Typically, these brute-force attacks fail because of the mechanism most digital spaces have developed that do not allow you to try after a certain number of logins. If you can work around the most common errors that people make while setting passwords, then you’re safer than the rest.

Sharing crucial information

Many times, people running businesses find it convenient to share their personal or vital information with others. This is usually done to make things more comfortable or to make transactions easier. So while we do agree it may seem convenient, it is not at all smart.

The problem with sharing such crucial information is that the people you’re sharing the information with may have some malicious intent behind asking you of the information. Furthermore, people who may know crucial information like passwords may start using your password if they feel it is a stronger password.

If attackers and hackers were to find out the password of these people, they might also end up finding that you use the same password. This can leave you vulnerable.

Blindly accepting policies

How many times have you blindly agreed to privacy policies or end-user license agreements? We’re guessing the numbers are high. Accepting the privacy policy or end-user license agreements is not a particularly vulnerable move on its own. The problem arrives when people like hackers use clauses in the privacy policy that allow them to use your information in other places.

Remember that when you sign up for a program or any such service, it is crucial to know how the company will eventually treat your data. Ideally, you should opt-out of sharing any data whatsoever. However, if the web-service or product is essential, then you can negotiate these terms for you to maintain your security.

Many companies use your data or even your clients’ and customers’ data to send it to marketing agencies. These agencies buy your data at a high price to conduct research or hone their marketing skills and to target the correct demographic of people. Many companies take benefit from the fact that privacy policies are long and challenging to figure out.

Filling forms

Even though you need to be very careful when you connect to the web, it is equally essential to be cautious of what you do on the internet. It is imperative to make sure that your data isn’t stolen by companies that may use it to sell your data to other companies.

Sometimes we unintentionally give out our data to others. This information is usually collected through online forums like forms or comments sections on a website. You must stay alert when you are on a website or an online forum and remain cautious.

Many different websites collect your usage information as well as personal information. These websites can easily use this data for their benefit and sell it to various marketing agencies. This is why we impress upon your mind to read what a website intends to do with your data before handing it out to them through forms or other means.

An excellent example of this can be seen in the form of Facebook third-party logins. Sure, it may seem easy to login with your Facebook account for different other websites or use a web-service. However, it can quickly come back to hurt you in the end. You may provide access to information that you might not want to give out.

What is the job of a digital security chief?

A digital security chief needs to handle many responsibilities which will help lead the company to success and safety. There are several critical responsibilities that a digital security chief needs to carry out. Few of which are listed below:

Digital security chief: Maintain all the tools

For a digital security chief, it is crucial to maintain all the tools and technology that goes into saving the data from hackers and attackers. This is because sometimes, these tools and software tend to run out of licensing. The digital security chief must respond to any expiration deadline beforehand.

Maintaining the tools also means that the digital security chief should be able to identify which tools are necessary to the company and keeping the event free from any attacks. Some tools may be essential while other tools may further complicate the situation in a way that will not benefit the company at all.

Digital security chief: Monitoring

The primary purpose of a digital security chief is to monitor any operations in the company. This monitoring also includes infrastructure and the overall architecture of the company. This is usually done through the assessment of log files and alerts which are received through the security tools.

A digital security chief must assess all risks to keep hold of the company’s digital footprint. They should be able to minimize these risks by reducing the digital footprint of the company online.

Digital security chief: Use new technology

With the advancement of technology, many new methods of hacking and attacking businesses are emerging. Since hackers and attackers are getting more and more advanced, the security officers also need to amplify their game so that they can protect the company from malicious attackers.

A digital security chief must have ample knowledge about the new technology in use for cybersecurity. They must know about the several new techniques which are in use to prevent identity and data theft.

Digital security chief: Incident response

The digital security chief should have an action plan set for when there is a crisis at hand. There should be clear instructions for the employees as well as the higher-ups in the organization. The chief should make sure that these measures are tested out beforehand to ensure that they work correctly.

During any incident or emergency of cyber-attacks, this action plan should quickly help put the company back on track in the case that many complications follow.

Do I need a digital security chief for the event?

Event planning and event management is a crucial part of making events successful. This is because the entirety of the success lies in these two critical processes. However, digital security is an essential aspect of both of these processes as they can only be successful if they ensure security.

Event trends these days show that events need a digital security chief. This is true because of many reasons. Let us explain to you how event techniques, event trends, and technology with digital security are a significant part of event planning and management.

Assessing risks

The digital security chief will identify several factors. S/he will see which technology is in operation in the event and who can attack these systems. After the identification of these issues, the digital security chief can move on to securing the event and the systems so that there is no mishap during the event. This attack can not only put you at risk, but it can also put your attendants’ data at risk.

Finding vulnerabilities

Another important job of the digital security chief is to figure out the weaknesses in the current systems. They can then find out how to minimize these vulnerabilities. Consequently, you can have a security event and keep your guests reassured. Once your digital security chief identifies these vulnerabilities s/he will also develop ways to eliminate them.

Incident management

A digital security chief can easily manage when mishaps or incidents occur. These incidents may put your data or the event at risk. Since the digital security chief has assessed the vulnerabilities, things will remain in check even during attacks.

Many incident response systems can be in place, and your digital security chief will assist you with all of this. It will enable you to keep the company and the event safe from all kinds of attacks or sudden mishaps.

Closing Verdict

Given that the recent event trends and technology are advancing further, you must also keep up with these trends. A digital security chief will make your event safer and more secure for the guests and the company officials.

Investing in a digital security chief can benefit your business. It will identify various risks beforehand. Furthermore, you will be able to take active measures to curb any problems.

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